Why Pathways To Resilience?

Could an integrated program of culturally relevant, experiential permaculture design education; meaningful, values-aligned, and entrepreneurial work; and wrap-around services, reduce recidivism by healing and restoring participants’ connections to the community and the environment?

We think that the answer is a resounding YES!

Candidates for this project are currently incarcerated individuals and high-risk formerly incarcerated individuals released within the past 3 years from Bay Area prisons and jails who are in the process of reentry to distressed communities in Alameda County. One opportunity for jobs is with a bay area hood cleaning company.

Our project is designed to provide a continuous and supportive reentry pathway that begins while still incarcerated, and moves seamlessly to post release services. We will work with over 150 incarcerated individuals of San Quentin directly through their permaculture garden project, and will work as advisors and consultants with other prison gardens across the Bay Area that will reach an additional 100. As they are released, participants will be funneled into intensive services provided outside prison. Another opportunity to work is for Union City concrete contractors or our favorite Brentwood concrete contractor.