Pathways To Resilience


The Peer Mentor will assist P2R program staff with weekly meetings and attendance. The program includes a Rites of Passage event, 12 Green Life Healing circles that incorporate character development, healing and resiliency practices, and social analysis and media arts production with industry professionals, a 72 hour permaculture design certification, 6-10 workforce and entrepreneurial workshops and a graduation.

Additionally, the peer mentor will work closely with the program’s Case Manager, actively engaging with participants, helping to ensure full participation and attendance.

  • The Peer Mentor duties will include the following:
  • Give feedback on program material and outreach activities
  • Relationship building including telephone calls and field and site visits
  • One on one meetings with a case manager and at times co-director to support program
  • Assist with Participant orientation and retention
  • Assist with coordinating the attendance and logistical preparation for program meetings and trainings
  • Assist with coordinating the attendance of weekly trainings
  • Conduct 1-on-1 or small group check-ins with participants in coordination with the Case Manager (as needed / ongoing)
  • Conduct preliminary check-ins
  • Conduct two-way evaluations with participants and help them set goals
  • Report results of weekly contact to Case Manager
  • Make a subsequent referral to appropriate agencies if necessary
  • Participate in general activities of the P2R program (between weekly sessions / as needed / ongoing)
  • Attend staff development and training sessions
  • Participate in larger strategy sessions for people in re-entry
  • Represent Pathways to Resilience at community events, meetings, etc.
  • Participate in program planning and evaluation
  • Perform other duties as identified by Program Directors (as needed / ongoing)


  • Show up to work on time, and if unable to make it to work due to illness or emergency, will contact Component Director and provide as much notice as possible.
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By Debra Mendoza : Pathways 2 Resilience Case Manager at Planting Justice

Last week a team of three from Planting Justice were granted direct access to inmates behind the walls of Santa Rita County Jail. At the Re-Entry Expo, over one hundred community based service providers gathered to inform five hundred of the three thousand inmates of the support services potentially available to them upon their release.

With an early morning set-up, we shared the life stories that fuel the justice work we do as we waited for the inmates to arrive. Many of us were birthed into this work after trial by fire as we have experienced the results of systemic and institutionalized racism or see the impact of it in our communities.

The Expo last week reminded me of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by people committed to improving our communities, one life and one garden at a time. We saw the excitement first hand when we shared about the possibility of earning a living wage tilling the land. When we go back to our roots there is healing. Let the healing begin.

Coming against misconceptions, stereotypes and labels, felons and “ex-cons” have incredible barriers to overcome in order to successfully transition back into society. Without support, the cycle of re-incarceration and recidivism will not be broken. What most people fail to realize is more likely than not, the individuals who end up in the criminal justice system did not have a support system or protective factors in place prior to their arrest, thus, after a period of isolation from community, re-integrating poses many difficulties, which can be exacerbated by a multitude of factors including terms, conditions and restrictions upon release.… Click Here


We would like to invite people interested in joining Pathways 2 Resilience  to attend one of the Listening Sessions scheduled during the month of September at the following dates, times, and location:

  • Friday September 5, 12, 19, or 26 (choose only one)
  • 5:00-6:30 p.m.
  • United Roots 2781 Telegraph Avenue Oakland CA 94612
  • Arrive early, casual dress

At the Listening Session, you will

  • Learn more about this hands-on program
  • Meet staff and program graduates
  • Participate in simple group activities that introduce the program
  • Better understand what is needed to successfully complete the program
  • Determine at the end if you can commit to the program and would like to move forward
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